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Love in the Time of Chimera

.. Gorgeous hybrid species seeks same for long walks through flame, heated desire; embered kisses of fire.   .. A quickie, prompted by Magaly’s Dark Poetry for the Cruelest Month.   

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Blow Dryer Arm (Acute BDA)

… This is, by many lengths, the least cute pain I’ve ever had. I’m tellin’ you, Doc, this BDA is very, very BAD. It aches, it quakes. It trembles. It sings a mournful song. Its nerves are all in tangles. … Continue reading

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Clocks Ticking (Us, Off)

        It’s the now of our own forsaking. I’ve been taking lessons from a blind ventriloquist because somebody once told me loose lips sink ships and tomorrow’s gone. Shall we hold our tongues, smile? Then, just this: … Continue reading

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