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.. sometimes they spark if you hit them just right, let them bump and grind, find their way along felt. we talk and chalk a few things up to strong drinks and weakness, the way the tables have turned, the … Continue reading

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Cue Cards for a Wayward Sky

.. Dance, we scribe; try to spark and lull the clouds to play their bubblegrins across our open-shadow song. Twist, we sing. Skip and dream of green breezes spilled through rose jars, melted shimmer-snow. Breathe. Right on cue, when journey … Continue reading

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signaling the stars

.. there’s a dot-to-dot dash bash going on in the sky, a morse-code cue that you and i are now free to shine. look: a wish that’s burned right on straight through; a small soft mantra of me-and-you that means … Continue reading

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