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A Bun Dance 

They’re sticky in their own delirious skins and so they simply decide to cinnamon  -sway and swirl the way that only rolled glee can. They’re frosted in footloose fancy  free of all things chancy, and our stolen glances only egg them on. They’ll … Continue reading

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Mr. Midnight and Mrs. Moon

.. He’s got her swooning again, dipping her toes in horizon dark, slow disappearing and playing her part in this star-stung waltz. He’s got her waning again, making less of her -self by degrees, crescent -cutting tangled trees and startled … Continue reading

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cloud cotillion

.. they bump and grind and ska this sky, much to their own cha-cha -chagrin.   .. Prompted by PAD, day 17. 

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full dance cards

… the stars are falling, calling us out onto this ebony silk sway floor, lulling us to melt our way to shimmered sky. let’s skip rope on Orion’s belt, twist again and crescent moon grin, cloud bubble our troubles and … Continue reading

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Excuse me while I dance a Quadrillion Quadrilles.

.. Seriously. Is there any force greater than inertia? Verses spilled. A one two step of syllables, scattered feet across a quiet white floor. Bow to your partner, now, dance a humbled jig. Come, Love. We shall dance ourselves blank … Continue reading

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quadrille me silly (shall we?)

Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance.  ~ Carl Sandburg .. … . the light is falling, calling us to fandango tango gumboot scoot boogie woogie méringue moonwalk mambo polka (dot) hop spicy salsa squat shuffle twist conga tryst … Continue reading

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The Choreography of Cloud Cover

.. Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” ― Rumi . Dance when the only sound is sigh -lence, when the … Continue reading

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Dance Party of One

. Whew. Got me plenty of sweaty glee and a bum knee and the 1-2-3 of my own heart -beat. True or false: my current pulse rate is pounding to the surface, my co -ordinates are un- and my energy’s … Continue reading

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ferocious eternity

  get magnetic.

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