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little miss(es)

.. she’s a toddler in a tiara, a brand-new-almost-grown-up storm. all hormones and horns, sweet and spicy t(r)ying on masks and lies. she de -spises me today, her mama, just a little perhaps, or a lot. which probably means I … Continue reading

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The Swish and Stammer and Smudge of Love

Oh, but she’s a storm. The sky’s got a new slant, curl of cloud and scattered song. The syllables of her name are fleeting, sleeting, bleeding ink and drinking in the stone -washed bruises of another dawn.   .. Prompted … Continue reading

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Teen Lashes

  …. **eye roll, eye roll** She’s like, so totally over all the duh-rama, already, like, so totally ready for summer to get here. **eye roll, eye roll** She’s got hair that needs sun-kissed and song lyrics to memorize and … Continue reading

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