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dawns the day, and so we lace our shoes

run one. just one. and when you’re done, may ………..-be run another one. perhaps a half. another step. another breath. another sidewalk slap-hum, another strum of heart, another start another way of leaving, believing, grieving, receiving sunrise hope ………by …{quail} … Continue reading


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Hesitations of the Dawn

We forget her scar -let dress is just for early risin’, surprisin’ us with all its crimson silk applause. Pause, take a second ………..look , and book a table for two near the horizon.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.  … Continue reading

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breaking {up with} dawn

… it’s the way the sun cracks her head open on horizon’s skillet, all yolk, and light. a stretch. a yawn. ……………………a sigh.     ..

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grace graffiti, and the reason why she sings

.. :: listen: the birds have hum -bled hallelujahs for another broken dawn. ::

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The Swish and Stammer and Smudge of Love

Oh, but she’s a storm. The sky’s got a new slant, curl of cloud and scattered song. The syllables of her name are fleeting, sleeting, bleeding ink and drinking in the stone -washed bruises of another dawn.   .. Prompted … Continue reading

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Keeping the Dawn

… The day bullies us bid goodbye to the midnight spark -led blanket of hope, rope ourselves into some small semblance. Sky cracks open, broken. We bow and cow to clock, the tock of ticks until it dawns on us … Continue reading

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Slanted Aubade

{It Dawns on Her} .. Oh, that damn sun comes up again. And coffee fills her cup again and one day’s not enough again and it’s all kind of getting under her skin. The adieu of moon, the tilted sky. … Continue reading

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Bipolar Sky

.. Make up your mind, woman. Indigo silk dress, or syringed star scars. You get to decide both color (blue rasp -berry cotton candy, ink stain, ebony charcoal curmudgeon smudge) and texture (wisp, willow tree, wallow). You wave your birdless … Continue reading

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The One where it Dawns on Her

(aubade for all things broken) .. For more than ever, I have wanted something more than all this strugg -led skin, wanted to shrug my shoulders and shed my shoulds, fill my scars with stories. See that place beside the … Continue reading

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