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Watch her land and stand watch. Catch her spare spangled scales as they fall. Hear her talons scritch, the roared hitch in her song.  She’ll cover you in veiny wingsthe smoky ink of starry breaththe embered scent of sky. She’ll warm you, warn you. Teach you … Continue reading

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dragon rave 

they’re all scales and tails and violence, until the rum hits just right, and the night turns starry-eyed and quiet.  it starts with the hum of the toothless one and then the green-striped gronk joins in. it’s a victory  song, for they’ve fought hard and long and … Continue reading

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a postcard to my sometimes self 

wish you were hearing the whisper of trees the wisdom of breeze and hum-twitter buzz, eyes held by dragon-stir of clouds and deep sigh-sky.  wish you were here in this moment before it wanders right on by.  In November, we poem.

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cloud dragon

  magnetic poetry 

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Breathing, in fire and flowers

.. I have pocketed the dragon, and she says we are for each other , that today’s enough. We make a meal of madness, a fist of arrow-alms a list of things we whisper-whimsy-want: ……..one meandered daisy chain, ……..a dozen … Continue reading

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smallish dragons in boxer shorts

we’re happy to report that though they snap and snort, they’re all smoke and they keep it short.     … Written for Poetic Asides.       

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distracted by dragons

i marvel at their cloud-scales, ponder wing and talon, teeth. wonder if they’ll come right out (of clouds) and play. and so, {needless to say}, not much else got done today.   ..

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  .. I am spangled in the sacred skin of wandered sky, the whisperthin wishes of distant stars. I have swallowed moon; mooched her borrowed glow. See my wings? These fallen, fragile things are once again learning how to be. … Continue reading

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dragon post-it

… back soon. burning for a crimson sky. wait for me {sealing wax, string and all} by the sea.   …

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the year of the dragon

.. of living dangerously of fire and steam and dreams that go up in smoke. of chalking the street with our tumble-numbered days and wonderwandering through the slew of things we thought we wanted. of scales and skin and the … Continue reading

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