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Throwing Stones at Wayward Thrones

.. We are the princesses of ice and fire and fog and fluff. We have had enough of your glass …………(ceilings) slippers and your velvet chairs not meant for sitting and your golden stair demands of our locks. Your frocks … Continue reading

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… His hair was shorter then, before the dragon. Before he caved to the wiles of woman, and wild of sky. Before the sword fell into sheath for good, and the woods swallowed them all whole, happily. Ever. ………………After.   … Continue reading

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Aubade with Scaly Skin

.. She’s dragon-dawned in crimson shimmerspark. Breeze-breathe her in, all bubble -melted sky, whispered curl. She’s girl. Shadow. Cloud. Open jar. Twisted scar. Dancing rose. She leaves you greened and grinning, right on cue. Skips and spills your journey forward; … Continue reading

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