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Stranger than Dragons

A short-term effect an echo and a stranger’s hand – The Cure .. The clouds have teeth again, and the echo …………(echo, echo) of skin and talons on whale-sized bones. They breathe in great fire hands that reach for nothing … Continue reading

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Objects in the Rearview Mirror are Farther Than they Appear.

.. This poem is a brand new day, the quiet silver buttoning of my lips. It’s the scribbling of my heart. The starting of something startling, the plowing of inky crow through fresh fallen paper snow. This poem knows her … Continue reading

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Dragon Moon

.. She’s a white curl snarl of bright stone, shone in fire and song. We watch her tail turn black, wane smudge into this talon-punctured scrim. She swims across the inky ocean, curved into her own dark flank. She’s listening … Continue reading

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Unspangled Dragons

.. They crave sequins and spark -led shine, bright pieces of sea and fractured stars. Gray scales ache for ribboned river, milky way canyon scars and the sheen of sea glass. We comb the shores in search of strings and … Continue reading

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the fall of wise dragons

.. rattle and clatter were dragons, two who knew the ways of the world, the kiss of clouds, the slant of sky. one day they decided, just for novelty, to make use of talon, and sinew of thigh, and walk … Continue reading

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every cloud has a silver lining

.. , a quiet rain shower a cotton-skinned sky wish and a hidden dragon. .. ..  Prompted by PAD day 14.       

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paper parchment skies

… she sits under the bougainvillea with her books. swallows wor(l)ds whole, feeds her soul with stories. she cries when characters die, has a hardcore crush on Poe, and Twain. stains her fingers in blackberries and ink. she thinks the … Continue reading

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