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Every Saturday night, the girls once again don the crowns, but looped round (and round and round)  their arms as hula hoopsspun in a whirl of rubysapphirediamondgold.  War stories are told and fairytales spun, too, and the rescued dragons know just what to do with the cast-off (ridiculous) high -heeled shoes (they’re … Continue reading

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Wander World

Here, they’re barefoot and barefaced and the only crowns they wear are daisy-chained.  They’re stained in wild berries and luscious mud and maple syrup.  They’re warriors of whimsy, wildlings writing their own stories withsticky fingers and hearts finally given a chance.  The night sky’s their only gownand they’ve doubled down … Continue reading

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How Many Princesses Does It Take to Start a Revolution?

Cinder goes by Ella now,and she and Belle agreethat if they can get Snow to show the magic number’s 3.  Might a quartet be better? that trio does suppose,so once she’s had a tiny napthey wake up Briar Rose.  Why not five? … Continue reading

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poema exotica

. this poem is a rare bird, plumage primped and pulled to sun. she’s one of those tropical flowers with a thousand smaller blooms at center. she’s a spangled dragon – all sequined fire and iridescent skin. there’s some warpaint … Continue reading

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.. there are dragons, of course and some of them are wearing tutus and striped socks (because who can control these things?) and one sings acapella showtunes and shrugs feather-boa’d scaled shoulders at the world and you and you and … Continue reading

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hum again

even when the world shouts loud and the heart breaks easy, even when the devil’s in the details and the day’s tales and the dawn, even when your song is silenced. be numb again. then thaw to sunrise, surrender to … Continue reading

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Dragon Squall

She tumbles until she has nothing left but the rise and fall of sky as breath , and a mouth scarred thick with stories.   .. .. twiglets #97.     

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This is one for the loony bin.

Image from Wikipedia.    .. This poem is just one or two steps shy of everything I might want to be. I’ve added stars and salt and sea and sigh -lence and the violet violence of one last sunset. Yet, it … Continue reading

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Dandelion Fluff

.. They say size doesn’t matter and then they say dream big, but I prefer these tiny breaths and the way the breeze teases my heart into flight. You blink at all that sacred spotlight; I think I’ll save myself … Continue reading

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That I Might (Not) Be a Trochee,

.. I am wearing my most significant scales, an anti …………{love} -poem, unformed. A snap -dragon(fly). An elm. The helm of a whispered ship, …………………..a tintype moon. Soon, you will see that I cannot stop the quiet casings of these … Continue reading

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