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the sky’s a curio cabinet of stars, with her at center

it gets curiouser and curious-er, her fascination with that sky sand dollar,that noble star scholar, mama moon. she swoons at crescent smile, a fine fool for full. you can question her about it some, but she has no words. only hum, and shine.  It’s Quadrille Monday over at … Continue reading

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seeing red

the anger fades in lurid liquid shades of burgundymerlotsangria ,and the claret-y comes in wine and waves,saves us slowly sip by sip.  we slip our hands together in prayerand painand praise of slight squashed dreams and mangled grapes.  Linda’s got a great word for us over at dVerse … Continue reading

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This is not a ceiling.

It’s a shadowstage holding up the outside-sky,a trampoline bouncing laughter light, conversation dust.  It’s a blank sheet waiting for my words, a sunshine-slatted hope.  This smallbox universe of our own bright building, where I am both fan and sometimes-star.  Mish has us writing object poems over at … Continue reading

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velveteen rabid

  and if I crush this blue against my skin, it is silk and satin and gravel graze -and-etching Braille against these shards of silver. black’s a bruise, abused darkness waiting, ragged edge anticipating the scrape of sky. hold that … Continue reading

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she shoots for the moon when it comes to some things, wishing stars, truth, trees that sing. life.  laughter, the kind that ringsthrough the house like music.  she’s happiest             (of happenstance                     of happy chance) near water, but you’ll find her here, dancing.  Lill’s got us happy-ing over the … Continue reading

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true north waiting

she is particle dust parched on desert floor, thrust far from the magnet Blue of true.  point her upand just let go; you know she’ll make her way back someday when she’s had her fill of still cobalt.  today, the sky will do.    …       … Continue reading

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Borrowed Light

Even  After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky. ― Hafiz  .. … We wonder if we’ll ever get the hang of … Continue reading

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one lone falling

… she finds herself in mysterious skin, flush with ……(premise) promise, but hemmed ………(and hawed) in. she is just beginning to (accent) accept this new frame, these [brackets] and //bars//. she works ….(dances, runs, rhymes) to unravel this quiet dis … Continue reading

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Scribbling in the Margins of a Day Already Done

{a Golden Shovel poem}   The sun has risen once again, and I am full of spin and the too-tried must -y scent of syllables with not enough to say. Today, there’s nothing like the quiet I’m keeping, held here … Continue reading

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A song of the stairway

(an invisible poem in the key of C) .. This poem cannot be seen, only sounded out one syll a bull at a time, sung in the key of clouds and candy-caress sighs. She’s wise in the ways of spirals, … Continue reading

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