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Drink this Poem

… This poem is a rum -bled mess, a stress of syllables and too much (be)gin. Absinthe makes its heart grow fonder. See? It wanders, over yonder. This poem is on a bend -er. Did you find it in a … Continue reading

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Dragon Fodder

I’m quite certain I shall be delicious, all crunchy toasted marshmallow center. But first, you exquisite beasty, let’s dance. For I have ever been more enamored of your scaly sway than a thousand simpering princes. You lead. I’ll stay. I … Continue reading

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conjuring a smile

.. see the sleight ………(chance) of rain, the way the clouds abracadabra the sky into spell -ing her own name in slanted syllables, press ……..-toed and pulled loose by the alchemy of nothing. the moon’s an old crone stirring up … Continue reading

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it comes down to this {she says, as she falls}

.. the bliss of the moon kissing skin. the twist of balloon clouds shadow-puppeting the sky. the skip of stones across the sea. can you hold these things …..{careful, careful now} for me? i’ll be back once these old dry … Continue reading

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Holding Only Breath

.. Ah, silence. The greatest violence the morning alarm, the storm of only her own unquiet skin. A single-serve sun also rises, and she swallows it whole just to sing its shine. The melting moon her only concern, …….caller, companion. … Continue reading

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Crying Over Boys

I’m down to just one thing, and I’m starting to scare myself… – Something I Can Never Have, Nine Inch Nails   … We’re on our way to Mexico. No, I’m not kidding. And yes, we’re a cliché. And there’s … Continue reading

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Hidden Hearts

.. Hear the breeze? She articulates her whim. Her will’s another story altogether. Hear the beat? The art we are (our center) doesn’t have a color, ……..creed, …………….or size. Oh, we’ve had it. We’re going out to make some (progress) … Continue reading

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