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The Low-Hummed Hope of Other Songs  

  … We have wandered ……….(once again) too far. Become un -lucky in our gaze. These streetlights falter, alter shadows, offer cobbled stones. Perhaps we have bartered our broken much too soon, settled for the passing of the buck by … Continue reading

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Sacred Ground & other Sorrows

… Trace her indigo, emerald, blush of sunset, rise of moon. Name her lost daughter, holy place, mother earth -en fire, cold desire. Give her a swollen pasture soul, a staggered heartbeat under hungry feet. Quill her center in ancient … Continue reading

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Corners(tones) First

.. She’s been home all of four days and she’s still trying to muddle-puzzle (befuddled, tear-puddled) out what this desert -cycle life is all about, how to scratch …..her name in more than Lake-soaked sand and …..the itch to be … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Ourselves a Phone Booth

.. (circa 1984), and become something we’re not, or wish we were. Let’s ditch the glasses and the classes and all that harasses us deep. Let’s keep ourselves sane with super -lative breeze, and capes of daisy chains. Masks of … Continue reading

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Because she has grown from this turquoise scrim,

  She braids her roots into the stars, a triumph of chimneys at her crown. She ponders petals and sparrows, casts the moon, and pins it down.   .. Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein Inspiring prompt from over at dVerse Poetics today, … Continue reading

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of starlings, starts and stars

.. murmur me something in hungry ear; some -(n)ation of flock, and flight. some just-right square for be -ginnings. of significant light. twinkle in some small spin of silence. some mirth of mind. somewhere to find myself steeped in ink-sanity … Continue reading

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Belladonna Moon

… She makes us swoon, poised and poison in her hemlock sky. She’s got spies, these night -shade stars, sending them falling, calling each other into the dark. Did we spark their conversations with our foxglove stares? The fragile lairs … Continue reading

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