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Aubade for the A.M.

… Morning breaches too soon, and the moon bids us farewell. That tangerine swell from the east says night has fallen to the other side, pried its dark hands from this horizon. We sway north, question our own salt, and … Continue reading

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… It’s the sulfur snuff of a candle burning (out) at both ends, the lull -aby hum of pickle-piqued breeze. Magenta-smooth, it can also kill a cat (just like that) in less than 38 prickly (tick-tock)  seconds, ……………………flat. .. Mish … Continue reading

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Lear-ing at the Moon

.. Have you met my best muse, the moon? Some mornings, she leaves way too soon. So I woo her with phrases and sometimes she raises my spirits to joy, from jejune.   .. .. Frank has us pondering Limericks … Continue reading

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Communing with Clouds

Oh, there are plenty o’ people in her (neighborhood) (house) (circle) (face) , plenty of noisy cacophonous ……….(crowds)  traces of business and busy-ness and messy-mess and who and where and when and why. But she’s an introverted soul, with a … Continue reading

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When She Uses All The Words

.. , She’s still dance-drizzling shadow -word clouds; open sparks spring on cue, breathe ghosts into giggles, spill scars. She lulls words to jars (journey, rose, breeze), leaves their shimmer to bubblegrin a green dawn. Curls her melted self (whisperthintwist) … Continue reading

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Space for Quill

.. Greetings, I am enamored to have met someone so fair, so graced from deep within. Never have I known a bright soul yet so full of magic, madness, heaven, sin. Bright crimson lips, and skies of clearest glass, I’ll … Continue reading

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Spangled Dragon

.. She longs for sparkles and streamers and shine, the fine fine sheen of knowing. The flowing of a tail that shimmers in the setting sun. She sings in syllables of fire. Hums embers loose, crimson fireflies etching skyward. She … Continue reading

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