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Stranger than Dragons

A short-term effect an echo and a stranger’s hand – The Cure .. The clouds have teeth again, and the echo …………(echo, echo) of skin and talons on whale-sized bones. They breathe in great fire hands that reach for nothing … Continue reading

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echo me a frozen moon

… the giggle-spring journey of her returning was a shadow-spilled whispercue curled around a ghostballoon bubble-grin moon. she drizzles us still in cloudsparks, leaves dawn openjarred to breathe dark-dance breeze; lull trees to shimmermelt green. we scar slow, echo twist … Continue reading

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my own name, bounced right back

.. i asked a canyon for answers, for some tangible way to verify the things i know to be true: the sky is blue up comes down the world is round. it answered me in echoes. hellohello… and the staggered … Continue reading

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when (apo)strophes curl their way into her dreams

  .. midnight. the trochees and the dactyls are attacking again. truth is a tercet of song. she tells it slant, in staves of six, syn -tax notwithstanding. spondee sky is calling, falling in psalms of place, skeltonic clouds catching … Continue reading

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Echo at the End of the Tunnel

.. Broken as dawn, her voice cracks open the day. Broken as egg. Black -ened and brined. Blank -eted in silence. Be -lieve her when she says she’s drawn a blank. End this small and elegant space with a broken … Continue reading

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