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Aubade with eggshell shards

The day cracks open (again) too soon, all broken yolk goo and too-bright sky.  She wasn’t quite finished with that silken moon, the silver-blackeyed promises of stars.  It’s got sharp edges and a bird-song sting, too many things and not enough salt.  ::PAD, day 22.

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jamb and eggs

. it’s over -easy does it, hard boil it down to its most fragile shell. you’ll scram -ble(ed) me into a congealed orange frown, sunny side up-side ………..down.   . A second poem offering for my own Enjambment prompt over at … Continue reading

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Clear Days

See, forever isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, cracked open like an egg yolk on some sizzled sidewalk. You gotta work for it; take the lows and the blows along with the raise -the-roof moments. Sunny -side up is … Continue reading

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