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Candlelit Windows and a Roof of Dusty Red 

(on pondering Van Gogh’s The Starry Night)  :: Let’s paint a swirl of sky a spook of brush or fire a crook of moon.  A lance-hatted churcha hill-wave rising, fireflies as sundog stars.  ::

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the tin man finds his heart

Matt Dixon .. it starts with a spark, the way the ebony dress falls soft around him, a scrim of diamonds covering even the most rusted of scars. it only takes one small bright breath to fall in love with … Continue reading

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Still Trying to Throw Her Arms Around the World

Crossing the River – Ally Saunders .. I write in salt. Heart doubled and aching. Give me your (blessed are the) poor, your tired (oh, I am tired) your ……..(world) weary souls. Give me a riverbridge, a quiet song. Something … Continue reading

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Icarus Ponders His Fall

Should have gotten myself a good horse and a plow, some tangible now to hold onto with both bold hands, instead of these waxen whims. You’ll find me flailing as you’re sailing along, perhaps a pirate song on your tongue, … Continue reading

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Significant Stones

.. Were they thrones, shaped for greater kings; tablets, commandments raised for lesser souls; tombstones to honor the past, templates for tomorrow? Granite soldiers, standing at attention, saluting another ……………………………sunrise? Ancient billboards, pre- Burma -Shave? Did they stave off giants, … Continue reading

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No. 8, Black Flowing, Jackson Pollock ..  we scribble scroll crawl our phrase to page, skull and hammer and football helmet daze. origami me ebony, please. i’ve got an angry pen that needs a good     s   n … Continue reading

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Etching Herself a MoonSliver

gorgeous photo by Tess Kincade   .. Shiver only once in this braided light, and you’ll know the way ………………of sorrows. We’ve got a thou -sand tomorrows to fill, spill through this hour glass; scratch with this fingernail crescent scythe. … Continue reading

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If you give a Scarecrow a Paintbrush

, will he have the courage heart brains to stain his own yellow brick road? . painting and prompt from over at Toads.   

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by Camille Pissarro . My collar is itchy and I’m twitchy with longing. I want to cast off all façade and plait my fin -gers through this crimson soil, forget myself. Perhaps if I just lie down right here, …..the … Continue reading

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Hope Twist (a tryst with something greater than all this skin)

Photo credit: Paulix8   . She turns her wrists to remind her fists that ink is the only thing that needs …….to be ………..spilled.     Prompted by mindlovemisery.  

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