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writing in stained glass faerie gardens

   the fragility of this place is not loston us, but for once we’ve tossed our fears aside to simply abide among the glint and glow.  our quills are sharp and true and you’ve still got some indigo blue set for spilling;it’s thrilling to thinkof … Continue reading

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Watch her land and stand watch. Catch her spare spangled scales as they fall. Hear her talons scritch, the roared hitch in her song.  She’ll cover you in veiny wingsthe smoky ink of starry breaththe embered scent of sky. She’ll warm you, warn you. Teach you … Continue reading

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With Munch Foresight

How did the guy who painted The Scream know 2020+ would be such a bad dream?  Still catching up, with Sunday’s poem.

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The Art of Going West toward Ottawa with a Complete Forgery of Vermeer’s ‘The Little Street’ in Our Trunk, After the Rain Stops Once Again

{for Grandma Moses} . Don’t stop when we get to the border, no matter how shaken , stirred we are by this heisted hum. Don’t mourn that moon behind us, or this star-scarred sky, or that sinister shade of blue. … Continue reading

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Vermeer & Vermouth

  We traipse the halls and wander the walls, …………………shaken, …………stirred by oil and blur.   .. In April, we poem. 

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Wandering This Museum Floor, Barefoot

.. Some things aren’t meant to be known, but we have grown them deep, from seed, and whispered them into pearl-earring portraits. How do we stop ourselves from becoming melting clocks? Abandoned suitcases on paintbrushed stairs, empty chairs at ramshackle … Continue reading

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Because she has grown from this turquoise scrim,

  She braids her roots into the stars, a triumph of chimneys at her crown. She ponders petals and sparrows, casts the moon, and pins it down.   .. Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein Inspiring prompt from over at dVerse Poetics today, … Continue reading

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snails with swords

medieval manuscript marginalia      … when the …….s     l     o     w sluggasluggaslugga of life leaves them wanting to slough off their shells, they take up sword and shield, coat of arms for one with none. she {poet, holding feathered … Continue reading

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Shopping in the DepARTment

Mi Young Lee .. There’s a little blue heart that speaks to me, a chalkdust squiggle, a mustard smudge. For all the things that are yet to come, I’ll choose that giant colon : or that little green apostrophe, for … Continue reading

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Made of Stars and Paper Skin

Japanese print maker, Kaoro Kawano (1916 – 1965).   She’s tressed in umber and the scattered spill of sky. She holds the earth still; turns her face into the sun, as woodpeckers braid her hair.   .. an ekphrastic tanka, for Toads.  … Continue reading

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