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making sense of sunrise

  we watch it plop up again and again all saffron spinall lozenged hope all miracle-raised invisible string prop.  it slow simmer singes a waking sky while you and i try to make something of its hazy smoke.  is it the dot on a question mark caught by curious sky?  … Continue reading

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Don’t try to stop me

… ; I am weaving a story, haunting a poem. I am going to find a thousand ways to see that madly moon. (a flashlight, a fingernail clipping, God’s thumbprint, a slight sky scar) I am listening (careful, prayerful) to … Continue reading

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A Confusion of Crows

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. – Closing Time, by Semisonic   .. We talk a dark string from twilight to dawn, one last strand holding onto nothing and everything. And they (they three) just sit there … Continue reading

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Forever {Blowing Bubbles}

.. She is sticky with glee, sending the trees her story in tiny round rooms, air-stuffed ellipsis of hope cast in quiet stream storms to a cobalt sky. She breathes new life into each one, sends them free fall floating … Continue reading

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