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tell me again about the dragons

and their embered breath , scales scar-scraping the  sky. tell me of their kind-ling songs, the twisted  wrongs of talon, tongue. whisper me their battle -blazed cry, the sacred why of tinder hearts. sigh me the cindered center of their flame, that i might  … Continue reading

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  there are too many un -knowns now, and so we have stopped asking questions. instead, we build a fire and watch the dragon spirits rise. … in april, we poem. and here there be dragons.     

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and still, she is writing about smallish dragons

because she can feel their hot breath on her neck, the weight of their scales and talons in the tresses of her hair. they’ve got a thou -sand whispered things, and she is but one pen -dulum, swinging. they’ve got … Continue reading

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Dragon Song

.. There’s a longing trem -bled within her, a bitter embered fire, an unquiet wanting. She aches to feel exquisite in her own fine scaled skin, dance within some happy web of wings. String her tail with syllables of treble, … Continue reading

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