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the lion and the owl and the hound and the fox and the grasshopper and the ants and the tortoise and the hare and the many many mice and the golden-egged goose have all gonehome , and all that’s left is that stone -soup moon.  and I, (alone)am still not … Continue reading

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crying wolf

Much wants more and loses all. – from Aesop’s The Goose Who Laid the Golden Eggs … once the fangs and the feathers and the wasted years have all fallen , we find ourselves lost in the reflection of bone, … Continue reading

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the fall of wise dragons

.. rattle and clatter were dragons, two who knew the ways of the world, the kiss of clouds, the slant of sky. one day they decided, just for novelty, to make use of talon, and sinew of thigh, and walk … Continue reading

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Fumbling Fable

.. The tortoise says go slow and steady. Fox says use your head, your wit. Ant says hard work is the deal, Hare says just get on with it. Lion says, befriend a mouse. Wolf says don a sheep. Goose … Continue reading

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counting sheep

.. i drift off, fill a pitcher with small moons in hopes of quenching thirst; thrust my beak forward to sour grape, to thorn. wake only to find you were the wolf ……….. i cried for.   .. a fable (of … Continue reading

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Sour Grapes

(in response to William Carlos Williams)   .. This is just to say I didn’t want those dumb plums anyway     . Prompted by Poetic Asides.    

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