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sea glass

.. tumble me back to the places where water kisses land, where sand is fairy dust in hungry hands. salt-shine me to reflect this crazy sky, this wandered-by wisp of cloud, this out-loud sigh that says wish you were …………..(still) … Continue reading

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.. Here we stand, all fairy-shimmer green and keen to catch that dance-dark twist, our sister spilled and skipped across melting bubblestars. With a sinister grin, he leaves the door ajar, an open journey, lulling. Us? We’re strands of (p)rose. … Continue reading

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cinnamon sprite

… she’s pixie -stick quick and ready to play, all freckle-sprinkle fab -you, lust. imp -ossible things will happen when you kiss her spicy lips, her speckled hips and that place on her inner elbow that makes her sigh. aw, … Continue reading

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Urban Sands

.. Some days we’re all just right broken. So when I get out of these concrete lands, sink my toes and my soul in(digo)deep, I try to keep a little sprinkle in a secret pocket some -where for a not-so-rainy … Continue reading

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