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Happily, Ever 

They are still unshod, by god-mother. (These wayward Wildling rebel-rogue princesses.)  Barefoot loose and fancy only in their own daisy-chained glee. Nobody’s  waiting to be saved. No-body’s even shaved in weeks and weeks. It’s  all grown wild, like weedsand flowers, ivy. Stars. Some days, they … Continue reading


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Wilding Wood is Not a Waiting Room 

For the record, the wildlings (these wayward rebel-rogue princesses) are not ladies in waiting.  They are not sitting about biding their time until their princes come or their fathers give permission or their fairy godmothers wave the wand.  They’re quite happy here, fond of sun-kissed freckles and filthy feet.  They’re … Continue reading

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Slipper Story

Cinderella (dressed in yella, or maybe princess baby blue) is oh-my-gourd tired of all this bibbidi bobbidi boo -sheet nonsense of waiting for her (someday) prince to come.  She isn’t made of glow or glass, and you can bet your (ask the fairy godmother) broom she’s got more than chores and … Continue reading

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