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The Throatstone that Wakes Her

… This fear is the long slow heartbeat of that clock, the tocking of hours and the clicking of keys. It seizes the day in fits and starts and sputters, utters vapor words to a chalkboard sky, blows desert wind, … Continue reading

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it’s the way the sky darkens, harkens back and cracks open with a start, a storm, a sun-struck smile. the way the …….(fears) years stumble, tumble and squall; the way rain ………….love or a lone tree falls and maybe nobody … Continue reading

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear

… is this dark sky. The way it folds us, holds us down, spills us loose like shattered stars. is our own dark hearts. The fray of their edges that say we cannot stay. The roots that know we cannot … Continue reading

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Fear Knots

I will show you fear in a handful of dust. – T.S. Eliot Fear not, for behold… – Luke 2:10 .. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough. Her heart thumps the words again and again to the tune of the … Continue reading

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