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  there are too many un -knowns now, and so we have stopped asking questions. instead, we build a fire and watch the dragon spirits rise. … in april, we poem. and here there be dragons.     

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Ash Sky, Falling

The dark creeps deep, steeps my poemed breath in star-skin and silence. Once upon a time, you might have waited here with me, among these falling cherry blossom kites. This one last night. Now, I rise, leaving nothing behind but … Continue reading

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Resting, in Pieces

  .. When I leave this place, give me wildflowers and feathers and fire. Song. Words spilled out, and some part of me scattered by the sea. We are all but shine specs, souls shedding dust and waiting.   .. … Continue reading

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this isn’t your standard red wheelbarrow

.. this poem is pure gold, spun just for fun and singed with fire. it desires to be un -subpar, a star in a sea of ebony, a trembling treble clef deaf to all too noisy instruments of glazed in … Continue reading

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