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Thirsty Thursdays 

They drink from stream and lake and oak-leaf dewand brew their tea from waterfall fountain.  There’s a banquet of snacksand a welcome knack for napping and every hour’s happy now because their feet are bare and there’s no one to stare and the chores are shared and nobody’s … Continue reading

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Losing the Shoes 

They finally objected to being objectified  and so they flung them far and wide and ran for a land far, far away –  a Wood where they could laugh and dance and play without bunions and ballsand midnight calls and step-mothers and -sisters and  overbearing fathers … Continue reading

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The Sacred Whims of Wildling Wood 

The forest floor is strewn with high-heeled shoes, for we rebel princesses have shucked our crowns and chucked our corsets and ditched  the bibbidi-bobbidi(boo)ballin favor of gentler things:  mirror ponds (fairest of them all),fiery dragon dances and fairy wings.  :: Linda Lee’s got a fun Quadrille challenge for us … Continue reading

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Imagine the Frog’s Dismay

at never being kissedat being dissed at having missed out on kingdom things.  or perhaps he hops                   (happily) wild in the woodssheds all those shouldsand at nightfall, he sings.  :: It’s Wednesday. We poem.

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All Those Wayward Ever Afters

There is laughter when they think of all they were supposed to be, all corseted and silver-spoon fed with feet crammed into ridiculous shoes.  Here, even the steeds are unshod and trail-trod, mudlucious in their gorgeous freedom. This forest is flush with both silence and song.  Here, they choose.  … Continue reading

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Leaving Their Shoes Behind

  There’s a pile of pumps at the peaceful passage leading to Wildling Wood.  They’ve kicked (off) up their heels and wielded their swords and let all that hair (golden and otherwise)down and traded their pointy crowns for flowers.  Now, they spend hours bare-foot loose and fancy -free, having also … Continue reading

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Sunset in Wildling Wood

They gather in their daisy-chain crowns and their mudlucious feetto drink in that golden stone falling.  They clasp hands and stand with faces draped in tangerine glowkissed only by a tower of shine.  They sigh. That feisty moon rises. And the shenanigans begin. 

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Believing in Magic

It’s easy, here in Wildling Wood,where the moon casts her nightly spell. She tells  the sky just how to brew and spill its starry secrets.  The flowers bow and curtsy to the passing breeze, a whimsy’d waltz.  Dragons dance with nymphsand every soul gets a second … Continue reading

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Wander World

Here, they’re barefoot and barefaced and the only crowns they wear are daisy-chained.  They’re stained in wild berries and luscious mud and maple syrup.  They’re warriors of whimsy, wildlings writing their own stories withsticky fingers and hearts finally given a chance.  The night sky’s their only gownand they’ve doubled down … Continue reading

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And then,

:: It occurred to her she had a sword of her own so she wields it strong.  ::

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