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dragon dna

  .. they’re two parts moon, i think, a drink of shimmered scale and waxing fire. where do their wings come from? starling murmur? darling’d breeze? the breath of trees and song that comes ……………(what may) from long stray veins … Continue reading

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Icarus Falling

.. If iCarus had an iPad, he might have researched the temperature of the sun, or the melting point of wax. Or he might have caught an episode or two of Father Knows Best. He would have known a little … Continue reading

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The Intricate Impossibilities of Flight

.. First, there’s gravity. The heavy heart, the sacred wanting. There are laws against such things, rules in place to prevent the illusion of wings. And yet we spread our plans, our lies. We flap and flail and fade into … Continue reading

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