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Breakfast Talk

Hey, we’ve diddle-diddled long enough, see? The cat’s fiddling around with her food again, and the cow is over-the-moon in love with that little laughing dog. There’s a fog rolling in, and we’re running out of ………….(patience), ……..dishes ………….and spoons. … Continue reading

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Life{or something like it}

Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box; Religion is the smile on a dog ………………………………..-Edie Brickell   It’s crunch time (snap, crackle, pop) and we’re sitting here waiting for the clock to stop ticking, all these words just getting … Continue reading

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Recipe for Disaster

(and other just desserts) .. The world is made of cheese. Okay, not really. But won’t somebody please fill all these holes with pimentos or pistachios or something? It’s nuts, the way we spin about and shout our art (i … Continue reading

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A Growing Glint of Light on a Greasy Spoon

… Too soon, it dawns on her like these eggs, broken before her as an offering: His smile not quite reaching his eyes. The twist of his wrist when he holds her hand. The way her name suddenly sounds sour, … Continue reading

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The Pop Tart Association

…. Tony the Tiger thinks they’re           Grrrr-eat! Kids love ’em, especially the frosted brown sugar ones. But for her, they’re sore -ly burned, and smell like less -ons left unlearned.   … …. Prompted over at Shawna’s.     … Continue reading

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….. We leave out the graham cracker and get straight to the ooey-gooey goodness. Stoke the fire, love. Scorch your mallow just right. Slip a sliver of chocolate (dark or light) right into the center, then s’moosh the whole thing … Continue reading

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