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But I think it’s about

:: Loosing all these b  r  o  k  e  n words to sky.  ::In April, she poems.

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I think maybe we released these fragile dreams too soon.  But you don’t owe me anything.  Any more than the sun need pardon the moon.  ::In April, she poems.

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I pardoned you years ago.  The angry fists. The Judas kiss. The words carved into tired heart.  The smell of Jim Beam. That last storage unit scene. The stuttered start named 1992.  The way you laughed. The day you left. And I’m sure there’s more that I’ve forgot.  … Continue reading

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three ways to smash a plum

i.squish that sucker with your thumb,purple-golden pulp oozing through your hungry hands.  ii. chew your way through until your lips are blue and your tongue is tangedand tinged with indigo.  iii. plonk! it against the wall an unresponsive ball once so sweet and so cold,now begging for forgiveness. Kim’s got … Continue reading

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{after the rain}

… The sky’s got a funny gray way of forgiving us our stray thunder.         ..In November, we poem. Sometimes, in form. This one is an American Sentence.   

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  it’s just me and the moon, forgiving ourselves for dark words whispered     Grace’s 28 days of self-love, day 5.     

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This Is Still to Say

{in response to William Carlos Williams} .. I am sick of plums and that damn empty icebox which never has anything worth saving for breakfast Forgive me I am also not much worth saving   .. Poetic Asides November Chapbook … Continue reading

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Human, Divine

… We hold our scars close to chest, rest our flitter-fluttered hands against our tired breasts; err our differences and breathe out all these things we cannot change. We for -get {where, when} we got all this pain, all this … Continue reading

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Postcard from Upstairs

It’s colder now, and quiet. I know I said I couldn’t take it anymore but my toes miss yours and I found my earplugs. Come back to bed and all will be forgiven.   .. Written for Quickly’s Winter Doldrums.  … Continue reading

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Grace, Escaped

…. Let’s loose it to the lost, lose our inhibitions and the cost of deeming ourselves un -worthy of making change. Let’s paint it on the sky, spread forgiveness wings and fly, sing free of second chances and how far … Continue reading

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