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Now I Lai Me Down a Poem

… Now I lay me down these lines, this small crown of words. Rest inside these ground ink stains, where I’m found in verbs, in the throes of noun and syllable, bound; soul-stirred. .. Victoria has us playing with the lai … Continue reading

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A (Very) Few Words for Mr. Edmund Clerihew Bentley

… Oh, Mr. Edmund Clerihew B., this witty-verse hue just ain’t for me. As a teen, you invented some poeming fun. But you see, my poems are more…undone.   … A bit of tongue-in-cheekiness for the dVerse prompt, where Gayle … Continue reading

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Hourglass Songs

Keep this under your hat, beneath your skin: let’s begin as smashed hope and promise, a small smidgen of something sound. This stopwatch is set to ‘run’ – maybe we’ll see our turn and learn a thing or two, one … Continue reading

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Clocks Ticking (Us, Off)

        It’s the now of our own forsaking. I’ve been taking lessons from a blind ventriloquist because somebody once told me loose lips sink ships and tomorrow’s gone. Shall we hold our tongues, smile? Then, just this: … Continue reading

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Easter Octain

(8 lines, 3 days, one grateful girl)    .. Here, hold my heart with outstretched hands – east to west, my forgiveness found. Take my troubles upon your crown. You left this earth a fallen man, a risen king, my … Continue reading

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