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Cookie Prophecies for the Zombie Apocalypse

.. Confusion say: when it all cracks open, crum -bled beneath our feet, there is one thing that will ever be true: you don’t have to outrun the cannibal. You need only outrun the friend r   u  n  n  i … Continue reading

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will work for tunes

… crumble me cookie-like into the shape of a heart made merry by mar -velous sugar stung songs. chop me into sticks and stones, quiet thrones for monkey kings and dragons. hold the pre -scription of your smile to my … Continue reading

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Confusion Say:

Your shoes will make you happy today. ………………….(seen in a fortune cookie)   .. She didn’t believe it, really. Didn’t think a little slip of paper (in bed) (from the grave) ……..(whatever) tucked safe in crunchy cookie skin, could tell … Continue reading


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