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… His hair was shorter then, before the dragon. Before he caved to the wiles of woman, and wild of sky. Before the sword fell into sheath for good, and the woods swallowed them all whole, happily. Ever. ………………After.   … Continue reading

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(He) (Li) there for hours, (Hf) broken. (No) joke.

.. They lied. What it really took was  titanium pins to put Humpty back together again.     .. Robert has us playing with the periodic table of elements for our poems today over at PAD day 5. Too much fun.  … Continue reading

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Princess Waiting

.. She’s finally let down her hair, bit both bullet and apple, grappled with gadgets and gizmos and thingamabobs galore, tamed beasts. The least he could do is show up. On time. With a little glint of hope. ………..Nope.   … Continue reading

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After All Those Evers

  .. She sleeps , and her spun-gold tresses spindle down these cobbled castle walls. The feeling of gossamer against her skin, and a gentle mourning for fragile footwear. A half -bitten apple. A fading rose. A watchtower, the call … Continue reading

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Riding’s Hood

… She’s opened a halfway house for wolves, you know, a place for rebel lobo hearts to make a better choice before the hunter’s ax falls. Grandma makes a mean morning (vegetarian) meal, and some days it just feels good … Continue reading

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Rapunzel’s Hairdresser

.. Girl, I did not keep those golden tresses of yours deep conditioned for all these years so you could let some strange dude climb them. Show some self respect. Did I not also teach you how to swordfight, how … Continue reading

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Fractured Fairy Tale

… The gist: she got kissed. Bibbidi bobbidi boo, she wished. (Shoe fit. She wore it.) Hard to resist zealous prince. Dismissed jealous sisters hiss. Royal romantic tryst. Happily ever after wedded bliss. She, the bee’s knees he aimed to … Continue reading

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