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Remixing Ro Sham Beau 

(a Golden Shovel poem using my Ro. Sham. Beau. poem from day 26)  We thought it was what it was, the end and be all of sigh-language fun, the soup to nuts and center guts of all games of the heart and dynamitesmiles. All the while, we reallydidn’t see the fabled forest until we ran into the trees, … Continue reading

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Scribbling in the Margins of a Day Already Done

{a Golden Shovel poem}   The sun has risen once again, and I am full of spin and the too-tried must -y scent of syllables with not enough to say. Today, there’s nothing like the quiet I’m keeping, held here … Continue reading

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Holding the River in Unquiet Hands

{Aubade for a Softer Sunrise} . Shattered, we slow our hearts and let dawn’s waves wash over, taking with them our deepest wants and fears, but not the ability to call them back, or make them stay gone. Falling moon … Continue reading

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Darker Sides

Better go back home, where you belong. – The Temptations    .. .. Follow me, I know a place to run; a place to leave our hearts and tuck away. See that moon? There’s a small child on the other … Continue reading

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Knowing Un

There’s a particular familiarity to our unknown pieces, a quiet industry to our bold young bones. Take the strange and silent man over there in the corner. His song is at the cleaner’s, but you can take his smile six … Continue reading

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Wholly Kissing

(a Golden Shovel, after E.E. Cummings) .. The whole world’s gone crazy ever since the moment we all decided feeling just might be fact. Fact is, we’ve all got these first things, these wonderings: why and who and what. Unphrased, … Continue reading

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Tiger Eye

…from some distance, Someone might have thought I was making a fire in my hands. – from Oranges, by Gary Soto   .. We have not yet peeled the sun from this insignificant sky, some bright bartered distance between us … Continue reading

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What Remains

(a Golden Shovel after the first line of The Cremation of Sam McGee, by Robert Service)   … Look there: because we are ghosts digging the strange small and savage broken things the forgotten world has ever done, we all invest our … Continue reading

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Can You Dig It?

(A Golden Shovel) We real cool. – Gwendolyn Brooks   .. There’s just something about the way we groove, move and mold our words in real time; rhythm and rhyme our own cool -ing hearts. Something ’bout the way we … Continue reading

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