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run none

{so far} maybe tonight, but the fight to get too many things done, to have fun with family, to do this life has edged out today’s …..{run} (g)race.   ..

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sun: run one (x2)

watch the midnight blue fade; watch the sun climb into a waiting sky, breathe in the breeze of this (g)race -filled day.

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one, done.

just one …………{mile} not much (smile), but oh, that sun still rises and even in this sticky hot fiery-lunged morning, there is a (g)race.

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let’s find the value of x

.. cross it out. see? that lost dream, that tattered seam sky. there’s a -nother why we’ve tossed aside. got an eraser? you’ll find its dust can thrust the worst from will and whim and wander. ponder this: some algorithm … Continue reading

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Silver Linings. Play. Book.

Made a mistake. Kissed a snake. ……………………………………………-‘Cinderella’ jump rope rhyme Married him, too. Said I do. And did. (He didn’t.) Goodbye. Good riddance. Sometimes knowing what’s best is helped along by living the worst. Be -hold: my broken. Unfold: His … Continue reading

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On Staring Directly at the Sun

.. She’s let the light in before, stored it in pockets and tiny boxes for a rainy day. She’s swayed in its song, along seashores and lakeside, be -lieved in the magic of its arrivals and departures. She’s busied her … Continue reading

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Invisible Grace

….. Infinite, I close my eyes, and still I cannot see You. Impulse hits, emits some unquiet quarrel where hope should stand. I kneel, steal the day, steel my song, precise whisperings lost, tossed to wandered wind. I begin to … Continue reading

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Alley Ways

…… We are vacant lots of longing, nothing but trash blown by tentacles of breeze, temptation’s squeeze, and some quiet whispered want. We haunt brick walls instead of building bridges, fence our fears and loose our tears only in bony … Continue reading

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Grace, Escaped

…. Let’s loose it to the lost, lose our inhibitions and the cost of deeming ourselves un -worthy of making change. Let’s paint it on the sky, spread forgiveness wings and fly, sing free of second chances and how far … Continue reading

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On Being Chased

(Embracing Grace) .. Wish for some shadow some shallow shade some quiet glade, some place to hide your worn, unworthy heart. Wander, and see if it goes away calls it a day, decides there are bigger, better fish to save. … Continue reading

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