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Travels with Haircuts

.. She trims the tresses of the masses, shears near ears and hears the stories in all their long (and short) glory. Shaves miles, time. Runs with scissors.   .. Prompted by Miz Q. 

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Rapunzel’s Hairdresser

.. Girl, I did not keep those golden tresses of yours deep conditioned for all these years so you could let some strange dude climb them. Show some self respect. Did I not also teach you how to swordfight, how … Continue reading

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Blow Dryer Arm (Acute BDA)

… This is, by many lengths, the least cute pain I’ve ever had. I’m tellin’ you, Doc, this BDA is very, very BAD. It aches, it quakes. It trembles. It sings a mournful song. Its nerves are all in tangles. … Continue reading

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