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still trying to hug that blue-green marbled mess

i think that i have finally be -friended the dragon. she and i, we cool. we drool in fire and sky, and fly in the face of fear. she slays me with her wit, her will, her whim and want. … Continue reading

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Stranger than Dragons

A short-term effect an echo and a stranger’s hand – The Cure .. The clouds have teeth again, and the echo …………(echo, echo) of skin and talons on whale-sized bones. They breathe in great fire hands that reach for nothing … Continue reading

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Objects in the Rearview Mirror are Farther Than they Appear.

.. This poem is a brand new day, the quiet silver buttoning of my lips. It’s the scribbling of my heart. The starting of something startling, the plowing of inky crow through fresh fallen paper snow. This poem knows her … Continue reading

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The Throatstone that Wakes Her

… This fear is the long slow heartbeat of that clock, the tocking of hours and the clicking of keys. It seizes the day in fits and starts and sputters, utters vapor words to a chalkboard sky, blows desert wind, … Continue reading

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Throwing Stones at Wayward Thrones

.. We are the princesses of ice and fire and fog and fluff. We have had enough of your glass …………(ceilings) slippers and your velvet chairs not meant for sitting and your golden stair demands of our locks. Your frocks … Continue reading

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Err, Apparent

… She is holding an un -quiet dragon under her skin, the line -age of whom can be traced back many moons, monsoons and slow gulf stream storms. She has mumbled and fum -bled her way into some smallish spaces … Continue reading

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tempest dragon

… she’s a perfect storm -jar, leaves torn from her own ghost -journey with a twist-curl-skip-melt-spill from whisperwindow s(t)ill. she’ll giggledance you a new shimmer-spark-song-dawn, the long -drizzle-spring of shadowballoon. her rose-petal wings echo-breathe the sound of open cloudbreeze, lull … Continue reading

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