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Dandelion Fluff

.. They say size doesn’t matter and then they say dream big, but I prefer these tiny breaths and the way the breeze teases my heart into flight. You blink at all that sacred spotlight; I think I’ll save myself … Continue reading

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Intricate Dragons

We are so much more than all these scales and skin. See our scorched breath scald the sky; hold our quick -silver moon blood in the kite strings of veins. Taste the truth of talons. Set us         (held, and … Continue reading

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That I Might (Not) Be a Trochee,

.. I am wearing my most significant scales, an anti …………{love} -poem, unformed. A snap -dragon(fly). An elm. The helm of a whispered ship, …………………..a tintype moon. Soon, you will see that I cannot stop the quiet casings of these … Continue reading

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Tiny Dragons and Gathered Lightning

Dragonflies We can forgive them their lack of talons and fire for the sake of those stained glass window wings , and the way their damsels (in distress, in bright blue dress) flit and fly on by, rescued by the … Continue reading

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Making Deals with Dragons

… They’ve got what we want – that secret fire, that picture-perfect pose and poise of embered strength. We can’t stop ………….(won’t stop; oh, don’t stop) coveting their wings; their unfolding. In case you’ve missed it, they’ve got a song, … Continue reading

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Far Better Dragons

… We have made wing improvements, see? When we spangle them just right, they take flight. They shine. We whine that we can’t do anything about the talons, the sharp-played edges that etch and cut and sting. But see, here’s … Continue reading

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