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how to tame your dragon 

start with your own fiery heart, the way it stops and starts. these ember’d  -breath deaths are rare, and far between. they’re mostly looking for some  -place to call home, some sky to call their own (and aren’t we all?)  name her softly, with a hum of … Continue reading

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And then we decide it’s worth it, even with the fact of falling even with the spindled stalling even with the calling of the wild.  To soar, perhaps all we need is this breeze and a little feathered hope, a rope to pull us back from … Continue reading

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aubade with a broken smile 

morning breaks us open, and we ponder dragon-breath clouds and all that crimson fire.  we’ve already held these miles between our teeth and found them too salty, too muddled-much for day’s embrace.  the sky’s a quiet place to trace our last good -byes.  ::Linda’s got a great word … Continue reading

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Happily, Ever 

They are still unshod, by god-mother. (These wayward Wildling rebel-rogue princesses.)  Barefoot loose and fancy only in their own daisy-chained glee. Nobody’s  waiting to be saved. No-body’s even shaved in weeks and weeks. It’s  all grown wild, like weedsand flowers, ivy. Stars. Some days, they … Continue reading

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Snap Dragons 

We tried giving them buttons,but they melted those in no time. The zippers were a disaster, as they already had enough teeth. Buckles were troubleand lace ties were – no surprise – not much help, either. The brooches looked ridiculous. Pins seemed promising until they didn’t. And so just like thatwe allowed them to snap. … Continue reading

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conspiring with dragons 

forgive us, but we’ve become members with their embers. we are also in cahoots with the grass -roots efforts of faeries, and flowers. we now spend hoursand hours scheming with that sky and her conniving moon.  all this cons-piracy has caused us to paint our sails with … Continue reading

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we wee dragons 

we are the smallish ones, of tiny scales and silver tails sealedin scarlet slip of sky.  we drink from butter-cups and saucer moonto soothe our embered tongues. we sing in hum -mingbird thrum. we wee beasties swallow fallen stars to stoke our shine. and we find  … Continue reading

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five {crazy} answers to the sane question 

i.smallish voodoo dolls shaped like dragons, lined up in opposite roygbiv.  ii.crocus-crocodiles pushing up snow with icy stamin teeth.  iii.a brief respite from the wind: a corner news-stand. ink.  iv.a wide maw of sky; a smudge of stars.  v. but nobody asked  you? true.  ::Today’s attempt for NaPoWriMo, day 18.

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Watch her land and stand watch. Catch her spare spangled scales as they fall. Hear her talons scritch, the roared hitch in her song.  She’ll cover you in veiny wingsthe smoky ink of starry breaththe embered scent of sky. She’ll warm you, warn you. Teach you … Continue reading

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The Significance of Sizeable Dragons 

They’re vast in their spangled skin, gargantuan , stupendous.  Tremendous, reallyhow they fly,become the sky as they blot the sun.  We’ve got a huge crush on the blue one; if you’re patient at sunrise, she sings.  The green giant’s got a secret stash of tinytreasured things.  The puce one’s … Continue reading

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