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cloud dragon

  magnetic poetry 

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breathing in syllables

(a shadorma) .. here there be dragons and rain-fire, summer storm and spring fall; the way the sky slants sideways, a small cloud of flight.   ..In November, we poem. Sometimes, in form. This one’s a shadorma.     

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dragon dna

  .. they’re two parts moon, i think, a drink of shimmered scale and waxing fire. where do their wings come from? starling murmur? darling’d breeze? the breath of trees and song that comes ……………(what may) from long stray veins … Continue reading

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Breathing, in fire and flowers

.. I have pocketed the dragon, and she says we are for each other , that today’s enough. We make a meal of madness, a fist of arrow-alms a list of things we whisper-whimsy-want: ……..one meandered daisy chain, ……..a dozen … Continue reading

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    We meter them out in fire, scaled down to last treble-clefted flick of tail and trail of smoke. The syllables sag and drag -on winded sails, caught between embered teeth. We store them in caves, and sand -castles, … Continue reading

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smallish dragons in boxer shorts

we’re happy to report that though they snap and snort, they’re all smoke and they keep it short.     … Written for Poetic Asides.       

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hum again

even when the world shouts loud and the heart breaks easy, even when the devil’s in the details and the day’s tales and the dawn, even when your song is silenced. be numb again. then thaw to sunrise, surrender to … Continue reading

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