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this isn’t the year we wanted

  nope.  things cancelledlives rankledtime tangled and all that crazy spin.  so we begin to swallow our dis-appointments and our whys  and try to find our glasses at least half fooled.  the only way to cope: gulp hope. ::

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this poem is that one last glimmer

of hope, rising.  she buys an umbrella. she holds hands with horizon.  she winks at the sun. she slicks back her hair and gets busy. she hitchhikes on dandelion wishes. she piggybacks stars.  Written for today’s twiglets. Come play!

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{Wherein She Centers Her Chi Over Chai Tea}

Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears; Let the weak say, “I am a mighty man.” – Joel 3:10   .. Let’s say these scars are the places the sun shines through. The places the world … Continue reading

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two ghost moon girls, clad only in snow and silence

… we dance in bubbled skin, gossamer-grin shimmered strong; twist all day long with clouds. spill loud. we giggle, spring-drizzle our storm-bliss on hungry tongues; spice sky with jars of whisper. kiss dawn. we’re (wanted) haunted shadow-souls breathed brilliant blue … Continue reading

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For My City, as It’s Falling

My City is aching. It’s taking one breath at a time, holding love at center and knowing ……………..it’s enough. My City is reeling, kneeling. Begging for healing and a glimpse of something that just might be Light. ………………………..We fight. Name … Continue reading

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… She’s wearing her blue dress, the best one she owns and she knows it’s still not good enough but it’s all she’s got – that and a smile. And the man asks how to spell her name, and it … Continue reading

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What Remains

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. – Hebrews 11:1   .. Except that hope just feels like …..w   a   i   t   i   n   g ant- i ci … Continue reading

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Quill Dawn

(an ovillejo) .. .. Some small, unbroken begun bliss – …and in this: the moon’s a smile, a curved-fine …shadowed line. This slivered shining world apart …might find your heart smoothed into something new to start. Hold onto filament of … Continue reading

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petaled pages of love

.. we quench our thirst with feathered spell, and poems fall like early flowers. ..    

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tangerine sky

… it floats up slow, like it’s got no place to be, no sea of blue to spotlight and sizzle. it breaches mountain top, climbs upupup, apricot fingers sticky with a new day’s hope.   ..   …

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