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which came first?

the chicken (a good egg, really) crossed the road(we wonder why), perhaps to try and find out if the sky (why blue?) was really falling.  we’re calling it a draw,this Q&A, this interrogative way we have of (who what when where why) dubiety and pondered piety.  and yet we ask for heaven’s sake,how many … Continue reading

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What have we done?

… Did we dance? Did the stars etch our path, fallen and pure and lost? Did we toss the right things to sky, and keep the rest? Or did we hide our best faces for those rainy days? Have you … Continue reading

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Spangling Spoons

“The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” – Emerson … First we number them mad -ly, badly, knowing a few ……………………..(achoo) are sure to go missing. We scoop s(p)un sugars of every hue, measure … Continue reading

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