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Midway through the storm

, we warm ourselves on lightning rods. We rumble thunder across our skin, begin in raindrops. We thin the skies with contemplated clouds, and sing aloud our own singed songs. We’re tornado-strong and tumbled. We’re hurricane-half -way there, and helterskeltered … Continue reading

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Dis {aster}

She can handle the hurricane, the daily strain, the thunder, rain and torn -ado tiers. She has prepared for years for this monsoon mourning season, long storm sting. The hardest thing: this quiet separation from the ………………stars.     .. … Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

… This poem is a perfect storm. The abnormal crawlings and clawings of a wayward gypsy heart. Clouds are forming, global word-warming, drops waiting to spill. Beware saltwater and too much silence, the violence of scattered whim and will, wonder … Continue reading

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