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Things We Said in the Storm 

The sky’s a hurry-cane scrim,but we’re still scribbling light-ning above the din.  We promised ourselves we wouldn’t hide, even as the cloud cauldron stirred.  And when we thought we might run out of time, we plucked our own feathers to write these lines.  :: In … Continue reading

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Midway through the storm

, we warm ourselves on lightning rods. We rumble thunder across our skin, begin in raindrops. We thin the skies with contemplated clouds, and sing aloud our own singed songs. We’re tornado-strong and tumbled. We’re hurricane-half -way there, and helterskeltered … Continue reading

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Dis {aster}

She can handle the hurricane, the daily strain, the thunder, rain and torn -ado tiers. She has prepared for years for this monsoon mourning season, long storm sting. The hardest thing: this quiet separation from the ………………stars.     .. … Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

… This poem is a perfect storm. The abnormal crawlings and clawings of a wayward gypsy heart. Clouds are forming, global word-warming, drops waiting to spill. Beware saltwater and too much silence, the violence of scattered whim and will, wonder … Continue reading

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