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finding myself

…here of all placesamong these other found things: pocket fluffpoems bits of kite string.  holding myself loosely, like that shifting moon, knowing i’m waning, will disappear soon.  wilding myself with barefoot heart, wander-and-waiting in fits and starts.          and stars.        written for poetic asides November Chapbook Challenge

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night marred

when i wakesweat still slick on brow, i bow and thankthe day for light.  Written for Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge.

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secret smile sky

Play magnetic poetry here.

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whether we write, or knot (daisy-chained phrase) we tie ourselves to moontoo soon, to storm too late. we debate ink over ocean swell. we tell ourselves the words won’t swim, fair-weathered whim will ragequit in mid-line.  we find ourselves a-dangle, participles waning. verbs complaining, tangled in theirown bright … Continue reading

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