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scribbling on the moon

.. we’ve borrowed Orion’s belt -sander, Icarus’ wax and wane, the silver-tipped nibs of these immediate stars. it’s quite a stretch, this lunar etch-a-sketch , but we hope you’ll read it, …………soon. .. In April, we poem.     

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Icarus Ponders His Fall

Should have gotten myself a good horse and a plow, some tangible now to hold onto with both bold hands, instead of these waxen whims. You’ll find me flailing as you’re sailing along, perhaps a pirate song on your tongue, … Continue reading

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Icarus Falling

.. If iCarus had an iPad, he might have researched the temperature of the sun, or the melting point of wax. Or he might have caught an episode or two of Father Knows Best. He would have known a little … Continue reading

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Put this Poem on a Pedestal

.. This poem is Poe -seidon, all salt, and quake. For Thor’s sake, give it a hammer, a helmet, an underworld, a mountain. A fountain of youth. The truth, in the shape of something golden, or great. But hurry. This … Continue reading

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