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Contents Unknown 

Who am I? All blown open, paper fold– An Envelope, by Jack Underwood  :: And may have shifted as we go,so please be careful looking skyward.  We hold our breaths at paper moon and too-bright sun and similar exposure.  See, it’s not the … Continue reading

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Everything, Everything 

Wild.  See? See how the sun edges up again and the dandelions claim sidewalk cracks as stages.  See the pages of the sky, churning clouds of dragon puff, enough to assure us everything  is wild. And well. Moon casts her spell at dusk, and we … Continue reading

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Awakening the Ocean

(A Blue-Eyed Aubade) Kissing the horizon’s bare feet… – from “Ocean’s Awake,” by Raisha Ramkhelawan   .. Any good morning begins with salt. A fault line fallen. ………………………A roar for more. The moon’s playing hide and seek again, and we … Continue reading

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Sevenling (Shoulders Cold from Summer Snow)

inspired by Gugu Buthelezi… I hate only lonely things: white abandoned blossoms, skeleton trees, footprints fading. We shrug our heavy names, unquiet bones these stinging stars. Care less for our own skin. ..       Prompted by Kerry over at … Continue reading

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lest we forget

… the sky, in all its broken blue glory, the moon as she reflects her own spill. we forget our selves, the ways we learned to …..(under) stand, to fall and land and forget that we can ……………….fly. we for … Continue reading

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