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(a sonnet variation called a “duplex”)  :: I am a swirling alphabet storm. Nobody knows the order of this chaos.                         The order of chaos is unknown, even to me.                        The key is making sense of all the spaces in between.  The … Continue reading


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The Futility of Fluttery Fingers

.. Some days ………I sit at these keys for hours, ……only to find they don’t unlock ……………anything at all.   … What do I miss? The ease of writing. The urgency of getting some amazing down on paper before it’s … Continue reading

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if a heart falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

.. has this gone the way of all lost things: socks, sheep, coins, useless keys? lay the truth on me and bay me a still something song that might lead us home.   . prompted by Quickly November, day 3. 

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