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Kiera Kai Love Jackson

Kiera Kai Love Jackson  You came with your name and a red collar you still wear 12 years later.  We’ve tried others – pink, blue, but you seem most like you in the one you were wearing when we fell in love with you.  “Kiera” was your foster name. We … Continue reading

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Little Dog Laughing 

(on DogMa) :: I jump through hoops,shoot for moon. Have a cowor two. Spoon-feed myself fear. And here she is, laughing. Loving meanyway, as if to say, Hey – (diddle, diddle) it’s all gonna be okay.  :: Written for day 17 of NaPoWriMo.

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Puppy Breath

… The rise and fall of her chest, slight snore-whimper of dreaming, whisker flick fluff-fall of heart. Caramel curl -sleepy puppy girl. One crimped ear, black smudge muzzle; a nuzzle of cool wet nose. Fuzzy pause.   .. Our beloved … Continue reading

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..   convention says it’s time to start this day, but there’s a funny furry face that wants …………..to play.     ..

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