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Silver Surf(er)

  There’s a wonder to the places where water folds into land, where the taste of salt on lips is magic. Dig your toes in deep and steep your heart in Blue. Watch the moon plop in, full and fat … Continue reading

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run to blue

three ……..{miles} should do it, there and back again. Cool breeze, cool lungs, a brilliant sun skimming the surface of all this blue. There’s a rhythm here that’s different, a sky song waiting. The beat of feet without the strangling … Continue reading


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Rancid Pavement

… Our shins walk toward the water – twin divining rods, shod in skin and shadow. The sky’s a rippled trance of whisper-thin blue, push -pinned up only by wisp of cloud. Who were we before this place? This indigo … Continue reading

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Lapping Blue

.. rough as a cat’s tough these lake-sand shores help me pumice my poems.   .. twiglets #19.     

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Sum Her Up Like This

.. : Some brilliant Blue, soft shirring of breeze. Shade trees. Sand. Inky fingers and salty toes. White pages, fluttering. Waiting. Birdsong. Pine. One wordsong at a time, and a million thoughts to in …-di ……..-go. .. Prompted by Miz … Continue reading

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Urges, in Blue

  She splurges on the turquoise sky, the cerulean breeze and the gossip-talk of trees that know this Lake fairly aches with everything she needs. She seeds herself in skysong, silence, wild defiant sighs and smiles that just might outlast … Continue reading

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Reading about Dallas while sitting on a breezy deck in Tahoe

… How is it even possible that the same world that holds this generous spill of blue, the whisper of aspens, also contains the spew of such hatred, the spilling of blood, the scream of gunfire and death? We hold … Continue reading

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Breathing Blue & Palming Psalms

Give her a Lake, some aching shade of blue. A place to glue her eyes to the horizon, and wait for the sun to meet her equilibrium gaze. Bare feet. A quiet sheet of white, waiting for song. A long … Continue reading

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skipping stones

…. we toss them …………one-by-one, watch them …..softly shatter the Lake. ..some slip-slip-slip, smooth as …..silk. others kerplunk! with ……………….rippled rings. we have things …..to say, small ………words that need gently thrown. but seeing …that mirrored sky break open stone … Continue reading

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the remains of the day

(a shadorma) .. one last strand of sun is spilling through the pines and i am full of turkey, snowy sigh -lence; a slice of time.   .. prompted by Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge, day 27.        … Continue reading

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