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True North and Other Quiet Lies 

The compass says we’re therebut I still feel the pull of something greater, some crater in my soul that says we’ve got a ways to go.  We wake. We give. We grieve. We take. We’re born. We mourn all those livesthat could be ours.  And we … Continue reading

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An Abundance of Artichokes

.. It started with the radishes. Wily little blushing suckers; plop-popping up everywhere, ready to be plucked from the soil and ravenously ravished in spicy bites. We thought briefly of carrots, but thought better. Bitter being better, per -haps. Or … Continue reading

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paper dreams

Photo: Daniel Murtagh . if you lie on just the right side, squinch your eyes and wish, some times the words will come to slip between these white sheets.   . prompted by mag#291.       

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two lies, one truth

(a fib)   .. i am waiting for something. i have been to the moon’s darker side a thousand times. i once held a baby hummingbird loose in my palm. . Prompted by OctPoWriMo, day 22. 

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