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good-enough moon heads to the hardware store

… she’s feeling a bit sallow, scooped a little shallow of her form -er self. that’s okay. nothing a few supplies can’t fix. aisle 6 provides a mirror or two (she’s got some extra reflecting to do). aisle 11 has … Continue reading

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WayBack Alman(i)ac

… ’tis cloudy with a chance of drizzle, weeping willows waiting. our chi texture? swirls and curves, and custom eyes-ed sunrise song. just listen to the hum -ming birds, the snails. the mermaids of this vast wide sea. her childhood … Continue reading

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Aspect Ratio {Serious Hungry}

.. Hands, pen (sieve)-clasped, we keep ourselves serious, black clacked, fingertip touch of sane. This inky work is nourish -ment to able body to breathe, soul to grieve gloom.grim.gravity. groan.grin. ………….gray.play. From last stand to first sit, may we always … Continue reading


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Stopped Completely Before He Turned 21

.. Never mind the silence. He’s a genius, a restless soul who still astonishes the (m)asses with significant ar(t)dent sway. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder, rounder, more solidly there (with dark brown hair.) Never mind the immediate amp -(m)utation … Continue reading

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