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Waiting on Her Wings 

She can feel them back there, growing. An ache between her shoulder blades. The phantom flutter of feathers not yet known.  She’s flown before, she can feel it in her bones, the rush of breeze.A scrape of treetops across her thrilling skin. A whisper of … Continue reading

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The One Where Her Antediluvian Phase Comes to an End

Amazing photo courtesy of Gabriella at dVerse. .. It’s a lonely place, this skin. We have gathered ourselves in small puddles, quiet drops. We’ve got no place else to go, but the trenches of these city streets. I have reached … Continue reading

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The Liberation of Longing

. A long, slow howl is sometimes best, the holding of your head up high, and still. Keep your eyes on the moon; she’s seen too much, and if you let her go, she’ll spill your secrets from here to … Continue reading

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