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Here Thar Be Treasure 

They’d rather be pirates than princesses; the games just look more fun. They’ll don some swords, learn some salty words and parley silk for sun.  They’d rather be pirates than princesses, so they strike out for sea with flags un-furled, these savvy, wily wildling … Continue reading

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Happily, Ever 

They are still unshod, by god-mother. (These wayward Wildling rebel-rogue princesses.)  Barefoot loose and fancy only in their own daisy-chained glee. Nobody’s  waiting to be saved. No-body’s even shaved in weeks and weeks. It’s  all grown wild, like weedsand flowers, ivy. Stars. Some days, they … Continue reading

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We Wildlings 

We wander. We whim. We swim in streams and bathe in moon.  We swoon over sunrise, or we sometimes we sleep in. We’ve  cast our shoes to chasms and collapse in fits and spasm of  laughter. We’ve decided happy (ever after) means home among  the … Continue reading

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Losing the Shoes 

They finally objected to being objectified  and so they flung them far and wide and ran for a land far, far away –  a Wood where they could laugh and dance and play without bunions and ballsand midnight calls and step-mothers and -sisters and  overbearing fathers … Continue reading

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