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Origami Paper Passed in Bio 101 

This is not a love poem.  I don’t care how many          (red, red) roses you send or ways you countor   (loves me, loves me) knots you tie or body electrics you sing.  See, here’s the thing: (the root of root andbud of bud and what -not)  (what passions, … Continue reading

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for the love of this poem 

, i shall give her a stanza skirt of royal scarlet and turquoise, a pearly glint of autumn moon.  she’ll swoon when i show herthis gentle noise of stream, the golden sunsets seams  i’ve sewn into her hem. the trem-bled sway of breeze. these … Continue reading

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With Ardent Affection for an Indifferent Moon 

They say we’re out of ways to woo you.  But I, heart tied to sky,shall try to fool you  into loving me back. See, the clacking of all this black is really just a churning starless seabrought to you on bended knee.  Are you the … Continue reading

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Per Sonnet Non Grata 

this poem is not about love or plums or counting ways or red red roses(or wheelbarrows).  it’s too staccato for a sonnetand refuses to put on a fetching bonnet or a corset or a fine feathered hat. (take that, Miss Austen.)  it’s got no sense nor sensibility, no … Continue reading

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Orion finds another love poem in his belt loop

The three sisters have placed it there, fighting over him again. Good heavens,  but he’s confuzzled, puzzled by all this shine. Tomorrow they will Braille  him sweet nothings in the stars; stitch hima swooning moon of Venus, a Valentine of Mars. Ursa (major, … Continue reading

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to fall in love with the world again

, you must engage a flower in full conversation.  you must allow a tree to tell you secrets.  you must find yourself in this ridiculous sky.  to fall in love with this world {a gain},  you must hold hands with hopeand contemplate clouds.  you must bare your soul your feet your heart  … Continue reading

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staying on task

.. just ask the moon. she’s got a job to do, too. wax. wane. balance the tide tables. keep that ocean stable. stars? they’re the thumbtacks that hold up the sky. (they don’t take smoke breaks, or wonder why.) i’d … Continue reading

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The low and quiet hum of it

.. There’s an aria here, too, and ballad moments. Nights filled with long slow love songs. Days drumming our hands against the furniture to the beat of our kids’ hearts, the rock album noisy rhythm of it all. There’s the … Continue reading

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Us, to the 10th power

A decade of days falls soft behind us, a mere blink of an eye and the building of a quiet life. The coast calls, and we fling babies to Grammy’s house and responsibilities to the wind, and follow that west-blown … Continue reading

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love poem

here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or … Continue reading

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