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luna, see?

call me half -crazy, some crescent-style smile, but sometimes that’s all of me i let you see.  i’ve got a darker side.  howl away.  but call me full, and i’ll show you, fool:  whether i’m giving you the cold shoulder, out for bloodor feeling blue, i’m always  waxingwaning  crazy like … Continue reading

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Luna, Landing

.. We have made much of this wily moon, her rebel comings and her goings, her invisible tide sky-strings, the quiet way she ducks and dives and dis -appears. Hold her milky skin within your own; set your beat to … Continue reading

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..   She chases the wild -(h)erness with her smile, a warrior in waiting. Listen to her keen javelin sway; feel her quiver, small palms slaying nothing more than dragons. She has suckled wayward infants, claimed grown men with her … Continue reading

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