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most mad

We’re all mad here. – The Cheshire Cat  Are you still mad?…Of course you are…– Alanis Morissette  :: the moon is drunk again on her own borrowed power and i am weary of her wax.  perhaps i shall form wings and whirl them to … Continue reading

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making much 

what if a much of a which of a windgives truth to the summer’s lie-E.E. Cummings  “‎You’re not the same as you were before…You were much more… muchier… you’ve lost your muchness.”–The Mad Hatter  :: okay, we wanted more (it’s true), than all this … Continue reading

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Alice in (Daisy) Chains {Again}

Does the rabbit love her? (The Queen of Hearts does not.)  If she drinks the “drink me” will her heart get caught  up in all this wonder? Will she be late, so late, for a date  with destiny? Will she shrink in her own skin, … Continue reading

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