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Commanding Clouds 

If you’re gonna poke a stick at the sky, you’d better chant a bit and sell a little of your soul.  There’s a slow pre-thunder roll that says we asked for this,that bliss is just the other side of broken -open clouds. That rain bows to … Continue reading

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Magic, Beans

.. The farmer’s bartering blood again, swapping beauty for brawn, trusting dusk over dawn. Soon he’ll be waiting for the balance of rain, holding breath for something tall and strange, while weeping reaping reveling in the glory (of) -us.   … Continue reading

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Her Dark(Roast) Side

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee. Everybody shut up. Coffee. – found poem seen on a chalkboard in a tiny coffee shop (and repeated ad nauseam by my 5-year-old nephew, who can already read). ..   Give her some magic … Continue reading

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