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Algebra 2

She could use …….(more than) a little help with the equations, and he’s got these eyes that say complex numb -ers are ok ……………..(slope) and other factors come into play. {It’s complicated.}   .. In November, we poem. 

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Learning Curves

  .. I have studied the arc of moon for many days, spiraled in her angled gaze and held her full circumference in waiting hands. I feel that I am getting ………..(swirled, whirled) wiser by her ardent glow, the diameter … Continue reading

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Asymptotes (of a Hyperbola)

… There’s a logarithm to it all (this poem) , the way it hums in hush -hushphrase and caves to the temptations of sacred page battles and flesh and blood (sweat, tears). It took this poem years to (over)come to … Continue reading

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let’s find the value of x

.. cross it out. see? that lost dream, that tattered seam sky. there’s a -nother why we’ve tossed aside. got an eraser? you’ll find its dust can thrust the worst from will and whim and wander. ponder this: some algorithm … Continue reading

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String Theory

… If I tied a string between you and me and you pulled and I pulled do you think that we might finally be in the same place (at the same time?) ..

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